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Wendy’s offers you full of great deals and offers, which you can enjoy alone & your beloved ones. Here you will get the complete details about its menu.

What is the history of Wendy’s Menu?

Dave Thomas established Wendy’s on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio. Thomas had a long background in the fast-food business and had spent some time working for KFC. In 1968, he quit KFC to launch his chain of restaurants, which he named Wendy’s in honor of his daughter Melinda Lou, who went by the nickname Melinda Lou.

Due to the popularity of the first Wendy’s restaurant, the company swiftly grew. Over 100 Wendy’s restaurants were open and running by the end of 1972 including in Thunder Bay. Square hamburgers produced with fresh beef and grilled to order were a specialty of Wendy’s. Other menu items available from the company were French fries, chili, lemonade, and Frosty desserts.

The Wendy’s/Arby’s Group was formed in 2008 when Wendy’s and Arby’s joined. The third-largest fast-food restaurant chain in the US was founded as a result of the merger. In 2011, Wendy’s/Arby’s Group changed its name to Wendy’s.

One of the most well-known and highly ranked fast food franchises around the world today is Wendy’s as they offer high protein ingredients. In more than 30 countries, the network operates more than 6,700 eateries. Wendy’s is renowned for its inventive menu choices with fresh healthy and, high-quality meals.

wendy's menu

Wendy’s menu in UAE

The menu includes special burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, macros, hamburgers, fish sandwiches, biggie bags, baked potato, wraps, fries, shakes, desserts, drinks, and a few other items. You can get anything from the menu for a reasonable price. Depending on where you order, prices vary across different places. For information on the prices of each item, click the Menu and Prices.

Wendy’s Menu UAE with prices

The price of the menu varies by location in the United Arab Emirates. The prices of the UAE Wendy’s are higher in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Ajman, Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, and Muscat than in other places. However, you will discover that food item expenses in various cities are remarkably comparable.

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Can I see the menu for Wendy’s? Yes, of course, you can look over the menu list, select your favorite dish, and have online delivery from Wendy’s in Dubai. The most famous Wendy’s Dubai menu is located at Sheikh Zayed Road. You can check your location and add your order after setting the locations near me.

Wendy’s UAE menu

Check out the below list of its complete menu.

Group Meal For 358
Group Meal For 468
Group Meal For 578
Ultimate Group Meal For 698

Limited Time Offer

Beef BBQ Cheese Melt Sandwich32
Chicken BBQ Cheese Melt Sandwich23
Beef BBQ Cheese Melt Meal42
Chicken BBQ Cheese Melt Meal33
BBQ Cheese Fries With Beef Bacon12
Mango Frosty9

Most Popular Wendy’s Menu

4 for 1415
Dave’s Single Combo Meal27
Dave’s Single Sandwich18
Dave’s Double Combo Meal35
Crispy Chicken Sandwich9
Turkey Bacon And Omelette Muffin9
Omelette Muffin7

Wendy’s Menu Breakfast

Turkey Bacon And Omelette Muffin Meal15
Omelette Muffin Meal13
Latte Macchiato10
Hot Chocolate9
English Breakfast Tea6
Moroccan Mint Tea6
Breakfast Orange Juice4
Breakfast Apple Juice4

New Arrivals Items

Snickers Stick 73.5 Gm12
Galaxy Milk Ice Stick 79.5 Gm13
Galaxy Milk 36 Gm6
Galaxy Milk 80 Gm9.5

Premium Sandwiches

Mushroom Melt Deluxe Sandwich17
The Beef Big Cheese Sandwich28
Dave’s Single Sandwich17
Dave’s Double Sandwich25
Dave’s Triple Sandwich33
Beefanator Sandwich32
Veggie Burger Single Sandwich13
Veggie Burger Double Sandwich18
Homestyle Chicken Sandwich21
Spicy Chicken Sandwich21
Grilled Chicken Sandwich21

Premium Combo

Mushroom Melt Deluxe Combo Meal27
The Beef Big Cheese Meal40
Dave’s Single Combo Meal28
Dave’s Double Combo Meal35
Dave’s Triple Combo Meal43
Beefanator Combo Meal41
Homestyle Chicken Combo Meal32
Spicy Chicken Combo Meal31
Grilled Chicken Combo Meal31
Veggie Single Meal22
Veggie Double Meal29

Value Meals

6 Pieces Nuggets Meal15
4 for 1415
10 Pieces Nuggets Combo Meal22
Mushroom Melt Value Sandwich Meal14
Beef Big Stack Meal22
Chicken Big Stack Meal22
Double Stack Meal19
Crispy Chicken Meal19
Dave’s Junior Meal18
Burger Meal17

Value Sandwiches

Mushroom Melt Value Sandwich6
Beef Big Stack Sandwich13.75
Chicken Big Stack Sandwich13.75
Daves Junior Sandwich8
Double Stack Sandwich8
Crispy Chicken Sandwich8
Burger Sandwich5

Wendy’s Menu Biggie Box

Chili Cheese Burger Biggie Box19
Spicy Crispy Chicken Biggie Box19
Veggie Burger Biggie Box19
Mushroom Melt Biggie Box19

Rice Meals

Spicy Chicken Rice Meal17
Homestyle Chicken Rice Meal17
Crispy Chicken Rice Meal10
Large Beef Rice Meal Rice Meal17
Small Beef Rice Meal10
Grilled Chicken Rice Meal17

Kids Meal

Kids Cheeseburger Meal11.5
Kids Beef Burger Meal11.5
Kids Chicken Burger Meal11.5
Kids Nuggets Meal11.5

Snacks and Sides

Chili Cheese Nuggets9
Chicken Tenders16
Cheese Fries9
Onion Rings6
Hash Brown6
Natural Cut Fries5
Beef Chili9
Chili Cheese Fries15
Boneless Wings18
Chicken Nuggets8
Extra Rice6

Wendy’s Menu Salads

Italian Caesar Salad10
Mexican Taco Salad10
Garden Salad10
Garden Salad Large With Grilled Chicken19
Italian Chicken Caesar Salad Large19

Sauces And Salad Dressings

BBQ Sauce1
Hot Buffalo Sauce1
Cheese Sauce1
Italian Dressing1
Sweet Chili1
Caesar Dressing1
Chicken Mushroom Gravy3


Regular 7Up8
Regular Lipton Iced Tea8
Large Mountain Dew10
Medium Mountain Dew9
Regular Mountain Dew8

Wendy’s Menu Drinks

Large Mirinda10
Medium Mirinda10
Regular Mirinda8
Large 7Up10
Medium 7Up9
Large Lipton Iced Tea10
Large Pepsi Diet10
Medium Pepsi Diet9
Regular Pepsi Diet8
Large Pepsi10
Medium Pepsi9
Regular Pepsi8
Medium Lipton Iced Tea9
Bottled Water4
Orange Juice4
Apple Juice4

Wendy’s Menu Desserts

Mango Frosty9
Medium Frosty8
Small Frosty4
M&M’s Frosty Ice Cream8
Triple Chocolate Nut Frosty Ice Cream8
Coffee Frosty Ice Cream8
Frosty Cookie Sundae10
Snickers Chocolate Stick 73.5 Gm13
Galaxy Milk Chocolate Ice Stick 79.5 Gm13
Galaxy Milk Chocolate 36 Gm6
Galaxy Milk Chocolate 80 Gm9.5


When does Wendy’s open and when does it close?

The majority of Wendy’s restaurants often open late in the morning and close late at night. The working hours of Dubai Wendy’s are from 12:00 am to 12:am

What is the menu for Wendy’s and how to order it?

Wendy’s Dubai is mentioned above, and for online orders, you can use the UAE Wendy’s official site or app. Even customers can call them using their contact number (+971) 56 681 2784 and order their favorite food.


Wendy Menu UAE is listed in this guide with all its images and prices. You can even enjoy nutritional types as Wendy’s in UAE also provides vegan food that contains less amount of calories. You can download the PDF format of Wendy’s Dubai menu and enjoy eating your favorite food by ordering it anytime, anywhere.

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Beefanator Sandwich
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Latte Macchiato
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Mango Frosty
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Veggie Double Meal
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Kids Nuggets Meal
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