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Tim Hortons is a Canadian restaurant that is now famous all over the world. You can also enjoy breakfast here.

Tim Hortons Menu

Tim Hortons is an international chain of coffee shops and restaurants from Canada. The Toronto-based Tim Hortons chain offers sandwiches, coffee, doughnuts, and other food items. It had 5,352 outlets across 15 countries as of June 30, 2022, making it the largest quick-service restaurant company in Canada.

Tim Hortons soon spread throughout Canada, becoming the biggest coffee and donut business in the nation by the early 1980s. In 1971, the business started franchising, and by 1984, it had more than 500 locations.

The first Tim Hortons in the United Arab Emirates opened in Dubai in September 2011. The eatery gained popularity rapidly, and the brand has now grown to include over 80 sites around the country including Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Discovery Garden, and Dubai Mall. Tim Hortons Menu in Dubai is popular due to its healthy ingredients. All the food items including coffee, cold drinks, hot drinks, wraps, and sandwiches are less in calories.

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Tim Hortons Menu in UAE

Tim Hortons in Dubai is very well-known due to its new coffee, Flavors, and breakfast options. We are here to provide detailed information on Tim Hortons Dubai. You are now able to order your food online using the Dubai Tim Hortons contact no: (+971) 55 2136678.

We also created a list of UAE Tim Hortons. You can pick your favorite Iced Coffee, Iced Capp, French Vanilla, Hot Drinks, Juice, Sandwiches, Cake, Donuts, tea, Refreshers, Rice Bowls, Jalapeno, and Wraps from the list of food items mentioned below with the prices and pictures. Order and just eat your favorite food from Tim Hortons Menu in Dubai.

Tim Hortons Menu UAE with Price

Customers can now check the UAE Tim Hortons with the price list here. If you are confused about what is the menu for Tim Hortons and how to order and get delivery of your favorite food from Tim Hortons Dubai Menu. Don’t worry you can now order anything, anytime by setting the near me location Tim at your nearest Hortons UAE Menu. let’s have a view of the Menu with prices.

Tim Hortons Menu Coffee

Tim Hortons Menu Snacks

Cheese and Onion Twist13
Pizza Twist13
Milk chocolate7
Mini Cookies15
Crispy Rice Milk Chocolate7
Mini Muffins15


Bagel with Creme Cheese Brewed Coffee and Choice of Classic Donuts18
Dozen Donut34
Grill Cheese Turkey Panini Iced Cap Choice of Classic Donut36
Timbit (Ten Pieces)14
Six Classic & Six Premium Donuts46
Grill Cheese Turkey Panini French Vanilla Choice of Classic Donut35
Half Dozen Donut27
Timbit (Twenty Pieces)26
Nine Classic & Three Premium Donuts40
Timbit (Fourty Pieces)44

Hot Beverages

Pistachio Latte22
Brewed Coffee9
Tims French Vanilla16
Triple Triple9
Café Mocha16
Caramel Macchiato17
Single Espresso10
Double Double9
Hot Chocolate13
Spanish Latte20
Double Espresso12
Tims Cappuccino15
Flat White15

Freshly Prepared Breakfast

Chicken Caesar Croissant14
Halloumi Mint11
Chicken Sausage and Muffin11
Cheesy Egg & Tomato11
Halloumi Mint Zaatar Croissant14
Chicken Sausage & Egg Muffin16
Turkey & Cheese Croissant16
Breakfast Bagel Sandwich16
Grilled Cheese Panini18
Grilled Cheese Turkey Panini20
Mumbai Bhaji Panini17
Bagel & Cream Cheese11

Sandwiches & More

Mumbai Bhaji Panini17
Grilled Cheese Panini18
Tuscan Chicken20
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich27
Chicken Caesar Wrap17
Chipotle Chicken & Cheese18
Grilled Cheese Turkey Panini20
Bagel & Cream Cheese11
Philly Cheesesteak25
BBQ Chicken Sandwich27

Tim Hortons Donuts

Nutella Donut9
Dozen Donut (Full)34
Choco Coconut7
Chocolate Boston Cream7
Maple Swirl7
Chocolate Dip7
Choco Orange9
Dozen Donuts (Regular)34
Vanilla Dip7
Kitkat Donut9
Pistachio Dip7
Canadian Maple7
Lemon Curls9
Boston Cream7
Honey Dip7
Double Chocolate Donut7
Smarties Donut9
Half Dozen Donuts (Regular)27
Dozen Donut (Half)27
Maple Dip7

Cold Beverages

Iced Coffee13
Iced Caramel Macchiato17
Iced Capp17
Iced Spanish Latte20
Lemon Iced Tea15
Fresh Orange Juice15
Frozen Chocolate20
Iced Americano11
Iced Latte16
Nitro Brew15
Frozen French Vanilla20
Cold Brew16
Iced Pistachio Latte22

Tim Hortons Croissants

Zaatar Croissant9
Cheese Croissant9
Plain Croissant8


Honey Dip Timbit1.5
Chocolate Glaze Timbit1.5
Oreo Timbit1.5
Kit Kat Timbit1.5
Old Fashioned Glazed Timbit1.5
Twenty pack Timbits26
Ten pack Timbits14


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie10
Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie12


Deeply Chocolate Cake23
Bluberry White Chocolate Cheese Cake23
Caramel Carrot Cake23
Marble Chocolate Cake12


Red velvet Muffin11

Enjoy At Home

Coffee Can (930 GM)102
French Vanilla Can62
Take Home Fine Grind (340 GM)52
Brick Mug56


12 Grain Bagel9
Plain Bagel9

Soft Drinks

Bottle – PEPSI11
Miniral Water (Acqua Panna)8
Bottle – 7-up11


Iced Green Tea Yuzu – Small18
Iced Green Tea Yuzu – Medium20
Iced Green Tea Yuzu – Large22

Zomato and Tim Hortons Menu

Zomato and Tim Hortons are working together in India. Customers can order Tim Hortons food and drinks via the Zomato app and website. Zomato also delivers Tim Hortons food to customers’ homes and places of business.

This partnership benefits Tim Hortons and Zomato equally. In India, Tim Hortons is able to grow its customer base and influence. Zomato can offer its customers a wider selection of food and beverage substitutes.

FAQ’s of Tim Hortons Menu

What number does Tim Hortons have in the UAE?

Tim Hortons restaurant phone numbers can vary from location to location. You can use their customer service line. The phone number for Tim Hortons customer service is (+971) 55 2136678.

Is Tim Hortons more expensive than Starbucks?

Tim Hortons does really cost less than Starbucks. Location and exact drink orders might affect prices, but generally speaking, you’ll discover that a comparable drink at Tim Hortons costs substantially less than it does at Starbucks.

What time does Tim Hortons open in UAE?

The majority of Tim Hortons restaurants often open late in the morning and close late at night.
Tim Hortons opening and closing Time is from 8:00 am to 12:00 on every Monday to Saturday. And on every Sunday the timing changes from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m


In this article, we have a brief talk on Tim Hortons with price & deals lists and new changes in their menu. You can download the PDF and order your favorite food. Tim Hortons Deals are totally gluten-free and offer Halal food Items to its customers.

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