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KFC is a well-known Food Brand all over the world.

KFC Menu

In 1952, American businessman Colonel Harland Sanders established Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It was once a little fried chicken stand on the side of the road in North Corbin, Kentucky. The 11 herbs and spices in the Colonel’s special formula rapidly became well-known among the locals. Colonel Sanders made the decision to franchise his firm as the demand for his delicious chicken increased. Pete Harman established the first KFC location in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1955.

The expansion of KFC Menu across the United States and eventually the world began with this. KFC’s popularity grew over time because of its distinct cooking method, delivery, menu in English, and delectable menu. Colonel Sanders became well-known due to his white suit, well-known mustache, and affable demeanor in KFC’s advertisements. In order to represent the company’s enlarged menu that included things more than only fried chicken, KFC became the official name of Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1964.


A significant fast-food corporation, Heublein Inc., acquired KFC in 1966. In 1986, KFC subsequently joined Tricon Global Restaurants, which is now known as Yum! Brands. With thousands of outlets throughout more than 145 countries including UAE, KFC Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman or more. KFC is currently one of the most well-known and beloved fast-food franchises in the world. KFC contact number: 111-532-532. In this guide, we are going to discuss the KFC menu and prices in detail.

KFC Menu Near Me

If you are living in UAE or nearby you can deliver your KFC Online order very easily from Al, Ain, Baru, Cyprus, and KFCmenu Fujairah. All the mentioned locations are counted in KFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Customers can use the KFC online app or also use their contact number. For the ease of their customer, there is a card with all the KFC offers today Dubai is available on it.

KFC Menu Dubai

KFC menu in Dubai customizes its menu to suit the various tastes and preferences of the city’s residents and visitors. In addition to the classic Dubai offers like Original chicken, chicken strips, burger, and zinger burger the Dubai menu frequently has unique items that highlight regional flavors and culinary influences. The Arabian rice bowl and hot wings are one such delicacy; it combines KFC’s renowned chicken with savory Arabian rice and a side of fresh salad for a lovely combination.

The delectable Spicy Popcorn Chicken with Arabic flavors, the KFC menu famous bowl, drinks, and the hot and spicy Shawarma Twister are just a couple of the creative delicacies that the KFC UAE menu, and KFC Dubai menu, routinely offer as limited-time promotions. Due to them, customers in Dubai may take advantage of the city’s unique culinary scene as wings, and wraps while still enjoying the well-known flavors of KFC from the KFC menu card.

KFC Menu with Prices

KFC UAE, offers food in KFC deals, For One, Sandwiches, For Sharing, For Sharing, and Sides and desserts categories.

You can choose from a huge selection of KFC in UAE and KFC Dubai marina menu. If you’re feeding a crowd, the KFC Dubai menu family bucket or family meals is a wonderful choice, or you might choose something lighter like the grilled chicken. Whatever you’re craving, KFC – Dubai – UAE, and Sharjah has something to sate your hunger.

Both chicken-based dishes and non-chicken choices are available on the meals in the UAE. Customers have a variety of chicken options to pick from, including original, spicy, grilled, and more, as well as biscuits, fries, and coleslaw as sides. You can use KFC coupons according to location as KFC Dubai Mall, KFC – Dubai, and KFC, Dubai Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals – Dubai – UAE Also we are going to provide the KFC menu and price list here. Keep track of all the prices Dubai here.

kfc Menu price

KFC Menu Deals

The Whole menu price list is given below

11/11 Bucket111.00
KFC menu Bucket135.00
KFC menu chicken wings90.00
Super Dinner Meal – Medium32.5
Mighty Zinger Box- Medium35.00
KFC menu Twister Box – Medium25.00
21 Pcs Super Bucket139.00

For One

KFC menu zinger box- Medium35.00
Mighty Zinger Box – Large37.5
KFC menu zinger wings30.00
Zinger Box – Medium30.5
Zinger Box – Large33.00
KFC menu twister wrap – Medium25.00
Twister Box – Large27.5
Dinner Meal – Large30.5
Dinner Strips – Medium28.00
Dinner Strips – Large30.5
Super Dinner Meal – Medium32.5
Super Dinner Meal – Large35.00
Dinner Meal – Medium28.00
KFC menu with rice – Large29.5
Chicken Rice Meal – Medium27.00
Supreme Meal – Medium26.5
Supreme Meal – Large29.00
Mighty Zinger Meal – Large30.00
Mighty Zinger Meal – Medium27.5
Zinger Meal – Medium23.00
Zinger Meal – Large25.5
Twister Meal – Medium18.00
Twister Meal – Large20.5


Mighty Zinger18.00
Fillet Supreme16.00
Zinger Sandwich15.00
Twister Max Sandwich – Spicy17.00
Twister Max Sandwich – Original17.00
Zinger Supreme16.00
Twister Sandwich – Spicy9.00
Twister Sandwich – Original9.00

For Sharing

11/11 Bucket111.00
21 Pcs Super Bucket139.00
15 Pcs Super Bucket104.00
9 Pcs Super Bucket79.00
Bucket 21 Pcs129.00
Bucket 15 Pcs94.00
Bucket 9 Pcs69.00

Sides & Desserts

Loaded Fries Family18.5
Family Fries Spicy17.00
Pop Corn Small8.5
Pop Corn Large14.00
Rizo Arabiatta11.5
Rizo Pepper Chilli Sauce11.5
BBQ Sauce2.00
Garlic Sauce2.00
Gravy Sauce4.00
Colonel’s Signature Sauce2.00
Cheddar Sauce2.00
Sweet Chilli Sauce2.00
Dynamite Sauce2.00
Coleslaw Salad Small7.5
Coleslaw Salad Large15.00
KFC menu family bucket fries15.00
Large Fries Spicy11.00
Medium Fries9.00
Large Fries10.00
Medium Fries Spicy10.00
Chocolate Cake9.5
Pepsi Large10.5
Pepsi Medium9.5
7Up Large10.5
7Up Medium9.5
Mountain Dew Medium9.5
Mountain Dew Large10.5
Mirinda Large10.5
Mirinda Medium9.5
Diet Pepsi Medium9.5
Diet Pepsi Large10.5
Mojito Krusher12.5


KFC vegetarian in KFC UAE began in January 2020 with the introduction of their “Imposter Burger.” During the burger’s one-month trial period, it was a great hit. This prompted it to be made a permanent menu fixture with a new name: the “KFC Vegan Burger.” Uae prices are also listed above keep a view of them.

KFC Menu Breakfast

They also offer a menu that just eats with the KFC breakfast earlier in 2012. In their breakfast specials include chicken biscuits, waffles, and pancakes. The Chicken Little and the Egg and Cheese Biscuit are just a couple of the morning sandwiches on the menu.


Here we are going to discuss the menu with calories.

  • Zinger Sandwich: 360 Calories
  • Twister Max Sandwich: 541 Calories

KFC Menu at Talabat

Talabat KFC is a partnership between the fast food restaurant brand KFC and the food delivery company Talabat. Customers can order food at KFCmenu near me locations via the Talabat app or website and can view the KFC UAE number. This service is provided by many countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Similar to the zomato works and provides food in various locations including KFC Sharjah.

To place a order online through Talabat, just open the app or website and conduct a KFC search. Once you’ve found the KFC UAE restaurant you want to order from, the KFC today offer to select from the menu list you want and add them to your cart. Following that, you can choose a delivery time and place your order. Keep in mind menu with prices is listed on the app. Talabat will then bring the food to your front door. You can also enjoy KFC offers today in the KFC Dubai menu with a price section.

KFC Food Panda

KFC and Foodpanda are two of the largest and most well-known brands in the food and delivery industries, respectively. Together, they give customers a convenient way to order KFC food online and have it delivered straight to their door.

KFC halal food is another commitment made by Foodpanda. Similarly, they also follow health as their top priority. The only thing you have to do is check the KFC offers today through their online. There is a price list with a KFC card available on their site.


What is the KFC delivery number Dubai?

People in Dubai or UAE can now use KFC Online Order or KFC UAE online and can receive their food through KFC delivery Dubai contact number: 111-532-532. Moreover, they can use the KFC near me number according to their location in the UAE Sharjah, in Abu Dhabi, and KFC AL Quoz. Just use the KFC Near Me Home Delivery option and enjoy your food.

What is the KFC zinger burger price?

The price of KFC Zinger Burger might be different according to Dubai prices, prices uae, or prices ajman. Also, their price varies with their sizes in Medium or large.

  • KFC Zinger Burger medium: 32AED
  • KFC Zinger Burger Large: 37.5AED

How can I do the KFC Dubai online order?

You can use their KFC Dubai pdf available online or you can make use of the KFC number Dubai. KFC Dubai delivery phone number: 111-532-532.

What are the KFC delivery charge UAE?

As we mentioned above all the KFC in UAE with prices but keep in mind the delivery charges for UAE or Dubai may vary according to the location you use for KFC orders online. It usually ranges between 5 to 9 AED. Use the KFC uae delivery number to order your food.

What is the KFC lunch box cost?

The KFC lunch box cost is here.

  • Small Lunch Box: AED 18
  • Medium Lunch Box: AED 22
  • Large Lunch Box: AED 26


The whole discussion is on the KFC Menu. For the ease of their lovely customers KFC makes it easy for, them to order food. In Today’s technical world People can use the UAE number and KFC Online order.

Not only this KFC card with all KFC UAE menu and prices is listed and available on their official site. Nothing is impossible right now just pick up your mobile and order your favorite food through KFC UAE.

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