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Domino’s is famous all over the world. In this article, you will get the complete menu with a price list.

Domino’s Menu

In 1960, Tom Monaghan and his brother James opened Domino’s Pizza in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The brothers renamed the restaurant Domino’s Pizza and got to work on a creative business concept that was going to revolutionize the pizza industry.

One of the biggest innovations that Domino’s brought about was the use of uniform recipes and procedures. The company was able to maintain a high level of quality and consistency in all of its sites as a result. Being among the pioneers of pizza delivery across the nation, Domino’s also made major investments in its delivery network.

Domino’s started to grow abroad in the early 1980s, and in 1985 it opened its first location outside of North America in Australia. Since then, the business has grown to operate in more than 14,400 outlets throughout more than 85 nations and territories.

Why Domino’s Pizza is Popular among people?

In order to enhance the client experience, Domino’s has also been leading the way in the development of innovative technology. Customers may now track the real-time status of their delivery with the Domino’s Pizza Tracker, a feature that was launched by the company in 1983. Customers can now buy and receive their favorite pizza from Domino’s more easily than ever thanks to its investment in mobile ordering and delivery.

With over a million pizzas delivered daily, Domino’s is currently the largest pizza delivery company in the world. The business is renowned for its reasonable costs, timely delivery, and reliable quality.


Domino’s menu in UAE

Domino’s Menu UAE opened its doors on June 23, 2022. Later on, it brought Domino’s all over the country in different locations including Ajman, Al Quoz, Jebel Ali, Khaleej Times, Burjuman, Qusais, Satwa, Silicon Oasis, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Deira, Jumeirah, Dubai mall, Dubai hills mall, JLT, JVC, JBR, Dubai marina mall, International city, Al Rigga Airport, and Domino’s Menu Dubai.

Dubai Domino’s menu literally offers all the new and special items from the Menu such as Bread, Burger, chicken, wings, Cmbo Chart, Drinks, sandwiches, french fries, Small Pizza, Medium Pizza, Large Pizza, breakfast, Pasta, Sides and Desserts. They also provide vegetarian food for people who prefer a nutritious meal. These vegan food items are totally gluten-free and made with low calories.

Domino’s UAE Menu with Prices

Domino’s Pizza always provides food that is made up of healthy ingredients. Check out the latest Menu card and order your favorite food online. UAE Domino’s menu with price and pictures are listed here:

Most Popular Domino’s Menu

Meal For 129
Meal For 479
Margherita Pizza – Medium34
Chicken Kickers – 8 Pieces25

New Yorker Domino’s Selection

New Yorker Crust Alfredo Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Dominos Dynamite Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Chicken Feast Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Hot and Dynamite Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Paneer Tikka Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Four Cheese Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Dynamite Philly Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Veggie Legend & Jalapenos Ranch Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Chicken Legend Ranch & Jalapeno Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Hot Extravaganza Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Chicken Tikka Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Extravaganza Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Philly Cheese Steak Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Veggie Legend Hot Pizza69

New Yorker’s Favorite Pizza

New Yorker Crust Margherita Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Greek Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Delux Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Hot and Spicy Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Hawaiian Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Italiano Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Chicken Legend Hot Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Chicken Legend BBQ Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Chicken Legend Ranch Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Chicken Memphis BBQ Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Mexican Green Wave Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Veggie Feast Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Meatzza Pizza69
New Yorker Crust Tex Mex Pizza69

Favorite Pizza (Small)

Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza – Small26
Chicken Legend BBQ Pizza – Small26
Chicken Memphis BBQ Pizza – Small26
Margherita Pizza – Small22
Tex-Mex Pizza – Small26
Veggie Pizza – Small26
Hawaiian Pizza – Small26
Meatzza Pizza – Small26
Chicken Legend Ranch Pizza – Small 26
Italiano Feast Pizza – Small26
Spicy Feast Pizza – Small26
Chicken Legend Hot Pizza – Small26
Deluxe Feast Pizza – Small26
Mexican Green Wave Pizza – Small26
Greek Pizza – Small27

Favourite Pizza (Medium)

Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza – Medium42
Margherita Pizza – Medium34
Chicken Legend BBQ Pizza – Medium42
Chicken Memphis BBQ Pizza – Medium42
Tex-Mex Pizza – Medium42
Veggie Pizza – Medium42
Meatzza Pizza – Medium42
Hawaiian Pizza – Medium42
Chicken Legend Ranch Pizza – Medium42
Italiano Feast Pizza – Medium42
Spicy Feast Pizza – Medium42
Chicken Legend Hot Pizza – Medium42
Mexican Green Wave Pizza – Medium42
Deluxe Feast Pizza – Medium42
Greek Pizza – Medium44

Favorite Pizza (Large)

Margherita Pizza – Large44
Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza – Large54
Veggie Pizza – Large54
Chicken Legend BBQ Pizza – Large54
Chicken Legend Ranch Pizza – Large54
Greek Pizza – Large57
Chicken Memphis BBQ Pizza – Large54
Hawaiian Pizza – Large54
Tex-Mex Pizza – Large54
Italiano Feast Pizza – Large54
Spicy Feast Pizza – Large54
Chicken Legend Hot Pizza – Large54
Mexican Green Wave Pizza – Large54
Meatzza Pizza – Large54
Deluxe Feast Pizza – Large54

Domino’s Menu Selection (Small)

Four Cheese Pizza – Small27
Veggie Legend & Jalapenos Hot Pizza – Small27
Dynamite Philly Cheese Steak Pizza – Small27
Veggie Legend & Jalapenos Ranch Pizza – Small27
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza – Small27
Hot Extravaganza Pizza – Small27
Hot Dynamite Chicken Pizza – Small27
Extravaganzza Feast Pizza – Small27
Dynamite Chicken Pizza – Small27
Chicken Legend Ranch & Jalapeno Pizza – Small27
Chicken Feast Pizza – Small27
Alfredo Pizza – Small27

Dominos Selection (Medium)

Veggie Legend & Jalapenos Hot Pizza – Medium44
Paneer Tikka Pizza – Medium44
Dynamite Philly Cheese Steak Pizza – Medium44
Dynamite Chicken Pizza – Medium44
Chicken Feast Pizza – Medium44
Chicken Tikka Pizza – Medium44
Extravaganzza Feast Pizza – Medium44
Four Cheese Pizza – Medium44
Hot Dynamite Chicken Pizza – Medium44
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza – Medium44
Alfredo Pizza – Medium44
Hot Extravaganza Pizza – Medium44
Veggie Legend & Jalapenos Ranch Pizza – Medium44
Chicken Legend Ranch & Jalapeno Pizza – Medium44

Dominos Selection (Large)

Paneer Tikka Pizza – Large57
Dynamite Philly Cheese Steak Pizza – Large57
Dynamite Chicken Pizza – Large57
Veggie Legend & Jalapenos Hot Pizza – Large57
Chicken Feast Pizza – Large57
Extravaganzza Feast Pizza – Large54
Chicken Tikka Pizza – Large57
Hot Dynamite Chicken Pizza – Large57
Alfredo Pizza – Large54
Four Cheese Pizza – Large57
Hot Extravaganza Pizza – Large57
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza – Large57
Chicken Legend Ranch & Jalapeno Pizza – Large57
Veggie Legend & Jalapenos Ranch Pizza – Large54

Domino’s Menu Bread

Potato Wedges10
Cheesy Bread14
Bread Sticks10

Domino’s Menu Chicken

Chicken Kickers – 10 Pieces30
Chick’n’Mix Box39
Chicken Wings – 8 Pieces25
Premium Chicken – Bufallo25
Chicken Kickers – 8 Pieces25
Dynamite Chicken25
Premium Chicken – Pineapple25
Chicken Wings – 10 Pieces30


Cinna Stix14
Chocolate Lava Cake – one piece12
Chocolate Lava Cake – Two Pieces20


Mountain Dew 300 ML5
Pepsi – 300 Ml5
Mirinda – 300 Ml5
7 UP – 300 Ml 5
Mountain Dew – 500 Ml8
Aquafina Water Bottle – 500 Ml3
Pepsi – 500 Ml8
Mirinda – 500 Ml8
7 UP – 500 Ml8
Pepsi – 2.25 Litre14
7 UP – 2.25 Litre14

Domino’s Menu Card

Customers can easily download the Menu card of Domino’s Pizza in PDF format. They can use it to order their food online anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the menu card also contains open now, today’s offers, discounts, new, and all special offers. Other than this you can use their email address and get access to their customer services in case of any issues.

What is takeout and takeaway on Domino’s Menu?

In Domino’s, takeout and takeaway are the same thing. It’s the choice to order food from Domino’s and pick it up instead of having it delivered at a time that works for you.

You can use the Domino’s app, place an online order, or call the shop to order takeaway. You will receive an approximate pickup time after placing your order. Just go to the counter and give the cashier your name and order number when you get to the store to pick up your order.

You may easily order your preferred pizza and other menu items from Domino’s takeaway without having to wait for delivery. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s also a great choice because takeaway orders are less expensive.

Zomato and Domino’s Menu

Zomato is an online meal ordering and delivery service that compiles global restaurant menus and listings. Domino’s is a global chain of pizza delivery restaurants. There are several markets where Zomato and Domino’s work together, such as the UAE. This implies that you can use the Zomato app or website to order Domino’s cuisine.

Zomato offers Domino’s a new outlet for client outreach and generating income. With millions of consumers actively using Zomato’s platform, Domino’s has access to a sizable and attentive audience.

Dominos Menu


Is the food delivered by Domino’s Dubai menu halal or haram?

All the food items available at Domino’s have options regarding Haram and Halal. Additionally, customers can choose vegetarian food as well.

What is the Domino’s UAE Menu contact Number?

Customers can use Domino’s UAE Menu Contact Number: 1800-208-1234 to get their online delivery.

What are the opening and closing times of Dubai Domino’s menu?

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12:00 pm to 2:30 am
  • Opening Hours on Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

How Much are the maximum and minimum prices at Domino’s?

The minimum price is 3 AED and the maximum price is 69 AED at Dominos Menu Dubai.


So we tried our best to let our readers know all about Domino’s Menu in Dubai, UAE. There are unlimited options to choose from Domino’s Menu UAE. For more details, you can join them on WhatsApp and also visit their YouTube Channel to get their recipes. Order your favorite food from Domino’s Menu using their app or official site and just eat it while enjoying scrolling on social media.

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