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About Burger King

A Famous Burger Restaurant

Burger King is famous for its variety of burgers. It contains a lot of sauces and other ingredients which increase the taste of burgers.

Burger King Menu

If you are a Fast food lover and striving to try something new that is lip-smacking and full of flavors then Burger King is the next destination. Burger King is a world-recognized food chain that offers burgers with many variations. Burger King menu is not limited to burgers only but includes a number of options for all types of fast-food lovers. Beef lovers, chicken lovers as well and vegetarians have food to fulfill their appetite on Burger King.

Cramer and his stepfather Matthew Burns got inspiration from McDonald’s and started Burger King on July 23, 1953, where the guests were served with a flame-grilled WHOPPER sandwich. Burger King has open now about 18,700 branches in more than 100 countries. Burger King serves more than 11 million guests per day around the world due to their fast service, and tasteful and affordable food prices. Now Burger King is known as the second largest fast-food chain in the world.

Burger King Menu UAE

Burger King came to the Middle East in 1992 with the grand opening of its store in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Afterward, Burger King progressively opened multiple branches in this region. Now Burger King has almost 61 branches in UAE. Burger King UAE menu is specialized in taste and quality. Burger King is one of the quick and fast-serving restaurants. Burger King menu in UAE is according to the preferences of the community.

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UAE Burger King menu is 100 percent halaal and ingredients they use are obtained locally. Burger King includes burgers and sandwiches which are healthy, less calorie, and gluten-free. The pictures/images/ photos of Burger King menu in UAE written in English are available on Google. PDF of ingredients are also accessible on different websites.

Burger King Menu Dubai

Burger King has open now multiple branches in UAE. Fast food lovers can get Burger King menu in Dubai. Many branches are located in Dubai city. The few famous locations of Burger King Dubai menu are:

  • Dubai Festival City
  • Dubai International Airport Terminal 3
  • Dania 01 Dubai
  • Fast food restaurant in Dubai
  • Dubai Hills
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Outlet Mall

Most of the outlets remain operational 24 hours and serve their guests Dubai Burger King menu. Foodies can satisfy their appetite from Burger King even in odd times. You can dine in, take away, order online, or take the food by drive-thru. Home delivery is also available at burger king. You can order your food through food delivery agencies like Zomato and Food Panda.

Other Locations of Burger King Menu

Burger King is providing its delicious, yummy, and lip-smacking food at almost 61 locations in UAE. Burger King which is a worldwide known fast food chain is now in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al-Ain, Arabian Ranches, ADNOC Oasis Abu Hail, Abu Samrah, and many more areas of UAE. Most of the outlets remain open 24 hours. Services they provide:

  • Dine in
  • Take away
  • Drive-thru
  • Delivery through food-delivering companies
  • Burger King App

Burger King has launched a UAE Home Delivery App for ordering food in 3 easy steps. The BURGER KING APP is for both iPhone and Android users. Sign up to Burger King app today and get 100 points. You collect points as you buy the food. Moreover, you can unlock coupons and use promo code to get your rewards. Through this app, you can find the nearest Burger King outlet and check the menu in English. Install Burger King app right now and receive your meal at your doorstep.

What’s in the Burger King Menu?

Burger King is mostly known and recommended for its mouth-watering fire-grilled hamburger. But in the Middle East, they include new items for customers in Burger King. In addition to hamburgers Burger King also offers breakfast (French toast, wraps, and tacos), beef and chicken sandwiches, salads full of nutrition, side-in lunch meals, drinks, desserts, chicken nuggets, and board cut fries at very reasonable cost. A few items like milkshakes and ice cream are not yet served at some stores in UAE.

Along with delicious food, Burger King has a good ambiance and gives special offers and gift cards. You can invite your friends and family for a family meal at lunchtime. The menu includes the King cost menu, Bring the Heat with a Family bundle, and promotions. It’s menu is categorized into parts for customers’ convenience. If you are looking for Burger King menu in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi have a look with its latest price list.


Popular Burger King Menu

Chicken burger meal17
King box for 3 persons40
Chicken fries 10 PCS15
Chicken Royale Meal large32
Chicken Royale Meal medium29

Bring the Heat

Fiery Chicken Tenders13
Fiery Chicken Royale Sandwich24
Fiery Chicken Fillet Sandwich24

King Value Menu

Double Cheese Burger Meal13
King Value Double Cheese Burger Meal medium14
King Value Double Cheese Burger Meal large14
King Value Spicy Chicken Deluxe Meal Small14
King Value Spicy Chicken Deluxe Meal Medium14
King Value Spicy Chicken Deluxe Meal Large14
King Value Side Items14

Family Bundles and Promotions

King Box- 39AED for 3 persons43
The Steak House Club68
The Royal Club57
The Value Meal Combo45
Too Hungry? 2 Pieces!33

Beef Meals Large

Whopper Meal Large24
Double Whopper Meal Large28
Whopper JR Meal large20
Triple Whopper Meal Large31
Mushroom “N” Swiss XL Meal Large28
Big King XL Meal Large28
Beef Royale Cheese Meal Large27
Big King Meal Large22
Steak House Meal Large29
Steak House XL Meal Large33
Mushroom N Swiss Meal Large23

Beef Meals Medium

Whopper Meal Medium24
Double Whopper Meal Medium28
Whopper JR Meal Medium18
Triple Whopper Meal Medium30
Mushroom “N” Swiss XL Meal Medium28
Big King XL Meal Medium29
Beef Royale Cheese Meal Medium26
Big King Meal Medium22
Steak House Meal Medium28
Steak House XL Meal Medium33
Mushroom N Swiss Meal Medium23

Beef Sandwiches

Double Whopper24
Triple Whopper26
Mushroom N Swiss XL25
Big King XL24
Big King17
Steak House24
Beef Royale Cheese24
Whopper JR13
Double Cheese Burger9

Chicken and Fish Meals Large

Big King Chicken Meal Large23
Chicken Nuggets 9 PCS Meal Large23
Chicken Steak House Meal Large28
Double Chicken Royale Meal Large32
Chicken Royale Meal Large28
Chicken Crispy Meal Large19
Chicken Whopper Meal Large27
Crunchy Fish Fillet Meal Large19

Chicken and Fish Meals Medium

Big King Chicken Meal Medium23
Chicken Nuggets 9 PCS Meal Medium23
Chicken Steak House Meal Medium28
Double Chicken Royale Meal Medium33
Chicken Royale Meal Medium28
Chicken Crispy Meal Medium19
Chicken Whopper Meal Medium27
Crunchy Fish Fillet Meal Medium19

Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Royale23
Double Chicken Royale28
Chicken Whopper23
Chicken Steak House24
Chicken Crispy15
Big King Chicken17
Chicken Nuggets 6 PCS8
Chicken Nuggets 9 PCS13

Kids Meal Combo

Burger King has specialized offers for kids and juniors. JR Meal served at Burger King contains special toys like Barbie dolls with a variety of dresses and different skin tones to attract the children. This meal combo includes:

Hamburger Meal16
Chicken Burger Meal15
Chicken Nugget 4 PCS Meal15
Cheese Burger Meal15

Burger King Menu Delight

King Chicken Salads19
King Garden Salad14

Veggie Burgers

Paneer King Meal Large13
Paneer King Meal Medium13
Paneer King Sandwich7

Burger King values it’s all types of guests. These veggie burgers are a treat for vegan or calorie-conscious people who want to eat fast food without increasing calories. Contact the hot line and order your meal right now.

Side Items

Chicken Fries 10 PCS15
Chicken Nuggets 9 PCS13
Mozzarella Sticks12
French Fries Small18
French fries Medium9
French Fries Large10
Onion Rings Small 9 PCS8
Onion Rings Medium 12 PCS9
Onion Rings Large 15 PCS10
Spicy Tex Mex Fries14
Strip Fries14

Burger King Menu Sweets

Apple Pie4


Coke Can5
Fanta Can5
Sprite Can5
Coke Zero Can5
Coke 500ml7
Sprite 500ml7
Coke Zero 500ml7
Fanta 500ml7

Burger King MeNu Condiments

Garlic Mayonnaise Sauce1
BBQ Sauce1
Fiery Sauce1
Extra Italian Dressing1
Extra Mayo Pocket1
Extra Caesar Dressing1
Beef Bacon2
Extra Cheese2
Extra Swiss Cheese2


What ingredients does Bacon King have in Burger King menu UAE?

Bacon King burgers are topped with thick-cut smoked bacon, American cheese, ketchup, and mayo on a sesame seed bun.

What are the timing of Burger King outlets?

The timing of opening and closing may vary from store to store. Most of the branches remain open for 24 hours while others open at 10 a.m. and shut late at night.

Is the Burger King App free to download and how I locate the Burger King near me?

Yes, Burger King App is free for iOS and android users. You have to turn on your location service to find the nearest Burger King. You also get coupons and points on the app to participate in Burger King Reward Program.

What is the Burger King UAE contact number?

The contact numbers of all the branches are different. You can contact Burger King headquarters or customer care service for inquiries. Burger King customer support number is 600522224.

What is the most special and ranked item on Burger King Menu?

BurgerKing is popular for its fire-grilled whopper burgers. Burger King offers many fast-food options like chicken wraps, sandwiches, fries, tacos, and veggie burgers.


UAE is a state where people from different nationalities reside and have different tastes and values. Burger King deals with all types of customers from vegetarian to non-veg either beef or chicken lovers. Burger King has all for everyone. In this article, Burger King is fully explored for your comfort and ease. You can also download Burger King menu in PDF format and can order your meal easily.

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Chicken burger meal
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Fiery Chicken Tenders
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24.00 aed
Double Cheese Burger Meal
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